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Frankie Quijano

A graduate of the University of Houston-Downtown, Frankie has over 20 years of experience working with organizations in a variety of industries.  He's worked for Fortune 100 companies like Accenture, Wells Fargo and Foxconn, who make iPhones, just to name a few organizations where he's made a difference. He has served as the interim Head of Learning & Development for multi-million dollar start-ups and spin-offs.


For over 13 years he served as the Chief Executive Officer for a 501c3 non-profit organization. In those 13 years, he helped elevate their annual event to become the fourth largest of its kind in the U.S. and sixth in the world.


Frankie enjoys taking on projects that challenge the status quo for clients resulting in a huge impact on employees, customers, and shareholders. While learning, leadership development, human resources/talent, non-profit management, change management, and organizational development are his areas of expertise he can tackle any project for his clients. Frankie has a passion for helping non-profit organizations and small businesses grow and reach their potential. 


Some career achievements have been:

  • Managed the creation and implementation of national leadership development, a high potential (HiPo) and culture programs for over 10K employees.

  • Managed the merger of three geographically separated companies with a total of 4,500 employees.

  • Designed training for a 30M start-up, jumping from 100 to 1,000 employees within 90 days, generating a 65% increase in new customers.

  • Implemented a learning management system that saved $300K in technology costs.

  • Restructured employee communications and performance management increasing employee engagement 20%.

  • Produced and managed large-scale events with over 600K attendance.


Industry Experience:

  • Airline

  • Facilities Services

  • Financial Services

  • Food & Beverage

  • Healthcare & Telemedicine

  • Higher Education

  • Hotel & Hospitality

  • Insurance

  • Manufacturing

  • Mortgage & Real Estate

  • Non-Profit

  • Oil & Gas

  • Retail



Frankie Q Headshot.jpeg

"One of my idols, Walt Disney, used to say 'Whenever I go on a ride, I'm always thinking what's wrong with the thing and how it can be improved.' which is how I look at solutions for clients. With companies looking to be agile and innovative we need to look at everything possible to see how they can be improved. How can we make good, better?"

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