Abijah Kratochvil, MBA

A graduate of Arkansas State University, Abijah is a jack of all trades and even a master of a few. He brings with him over a decade of experience in fields from insurance and financial services to higher education and non-profit marketing, with marketing and curriculum design being his passions.  He is a connector that knows how to bring resources together to be more than the sum of their parts and looks forward to helping more business unlock their true potential.


Some career achievements have been:

  • Implemented social media live streaming, reaching 20k viewers the first year and 50k viewers the second year. 

  • Created and implemented a social media strategy that increased likes and followers by 200% within the first year. 

  • Designed an email marketing strategy that increased event attendance by 65% and donations by 40% within the first six months.


Industry Experience:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing & Engagement

  • Financial Services

  • Higher Education

  • Insurance

  • Mortgage & Real Estate

  • Non-Profit

  • Retail


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"My college professor used to say 'the fastest way to move backward is to stand still.' This statement drives me toward continuous improvement in my personal and professional ventures."

Our Team
Managing Director, Francisco Quijano, Jr.
Francisco Quijano, Jr.
Managing Director


Francisco founded Qui Consulting, LLC. in 2015. He has over 20 years experience in the corporate arena specializing in learning and development, leadership development, change management and, human resources systems implementation. He has acted as the interim Head of L&D for start-ups and spin-offs. He also has over 13 years experience in non-profit management. #QuiToSuccess

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Abijah Kratochvil
Senior Consultant


Abijah joined the team in 2016. Abijah brings over 12 years of experience in non-profit management, communication, learning and development, print and digital marketing, and social media marketing. Abijah has a strong passion for digital marketing. Abijah's social media marketing plans have increased client engagement an average of over 105% within the first year. #UnlockYourPotential

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Lydia Chavez-Garcia
Senior Consultant


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Denelle Warner


Qui Consulting, LLC. welcomes Lydia to the team! Lydia brings with her over 10 years experience in non-profit organizations and higher education. Lydia is an expert at grant development and has managed grants in excess of $5M each. 

Qui Consulting, LLC. welcomes Denelle to the team!

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